Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals in Richardson, TX

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment which can help you regain a healthy smile without requiring a tooth extraction. When a cavity grows beyond just a small or large filling, it is typically recommended when a dental injury or infection has reached the pulp and/or roots of your teeth. Dr. Pramod and Associates are fully qualified to offer root canal therapy in Richardson, Texas. Call Dental at (972) 521-3728 to learn more about root canal therapy and to schedule an appointment with our dentists. Feel free to CONTACT US for any reason! Small, Large, or even for a dental emergency.

Even a small cavity or a crack that is practically invisible is still large enough to allow bacteria to penetrate your tooth and infect the pulp at its center. That pulp contains all of the tissue, nerves and blood vessels that keep your tooth healthy. However, your tooth can still exist with just the dentin and enamel if that pulp is removed. But if the infected pulp is not removed, the infection can cause pain, swelling and other problems necessitating a tooth extraction or even an emergency tooth extraction.

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Our dentists can remove the infected pulp and help keep your smile intact with root canal therapy. This treatment removes the infected pulp and cleans the pulp cavity. The pulp is then replaced with a medicated material and the tooth is sealed. A common final step is to protect the tooth with a dental crown.

Aftercare Instructions

It is important that you follow your aftercare instructions and alert our office if you experience pain, swelling, a fever, chills or any discomfort following your visit. 


If you are experiencing a toothache or tooth sensitivity, or if you have an untreated cavity or other dental damage, call our office today. Our team will be happy to schedule you for an appointment with our dentists.

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